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“Smart Kids 101 is a Birdsong Creative client. This site has many purposes. It’s main goal is the sale of their student and leader programs that they have developed. It’s an awesome product. The site is a Custom WordPress theme, with a fully-functional blog, an e-Commerce setup, and is fully responsive. It also has a membership feature on there as well. The design worked perfectly to compliment the products, and the code supports the design very well, which in the end gives the end-user and excellent experience!” – Adam Silverman

“Being a web designer, your product is only as good as it is built. I have worked time and time again with Adam on projects and every single time – his development is pixel perfect to my photoshop files. Our designer / developer communication – he is always challenging my design “what if we tried this, and could use this…” – which is GREAT because it makes my design stronger, website more effective and the client happier! He is extremely talented and reliable. He always blows away my clients with his clear and timely communication – he also understands that “not everyone speaks in code all day” – I always reassure them that they are in GREAT hands. It’s always an honor working with Adam, my clients always rave about him after launching a new site!”

  • Amber Brannon
  • Amber Brannon Design
  • (Owner/Designer)