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WordPress Custom Websites

We design and build excellent Responsive WordPress websites. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS).  A CMS system allows the user (you or your client) to be able to manage and author your own content on your website. This works out especially well for companies that make very frequent updates to their websites.

WordPress has a robust set of features that make content changes to your website a breeze, and it is a powerful tool for Search Engine Optimization, as well as many other features that make it our favorite CMS to work with. Get started converting your static site over to WordPress or connect with us to start a new website today!

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Eric Ross Interiors

Website Design and Product for Businesses

Let’s face it. Silverbox Development is a small business. We know exactly how important a website can be to a small business. We also understand how important a budget is to a small business.

By nature Silverbox Development is a web programming company, but we do work with some of the industries top web designers. From full scale marketing and branding agencies like Birdsong Creative in Franklin, TN - to speciality website designers like Brian Dominey and Amber Brannon, we have designers that can work within all different budgets, and have various degrees of specialities and experience.

If you need information on a full website design and production please contact us for more information.

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eMeals Website Buildout

Website Buildout for Designers

This is where we take a Photoshop file that you have designed, and we build that code that makes that design work properly online. Almost all of our build-outs are built with Responsive code that will work on all current Desktop and Mobile browsers. Everything we build uses HTML5, CSS3, Javascript with jQuery as backbone, and PHP as a server scripting language.

There is a lot of strategic work that is required to make all of this happen. We always take into consideration browser compatibility, search engine optimization, and many different web-standards practices. By the time we're done you'll have your Photoshop design running as a website and ready for the world to see.

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Rich Redmond Website

Existing Website Updates

Unfortunately website developers have the tendency to go M.I.A. That's something I learned while working at (website hosting) for many years. We'd always get the call, "well I had a website guy, but he won't return my emails."

At Silverbox we've made a vow to never "be that guy", but even further, we've decided that sometimes a site doesn't need a rebuild, it just needs an update or two. We're happy to provide site updates to at a very fair hourly rate. More often than not we can make improvement recommendations but we're here to help even it's only for an hour or two.

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FilterSnap Website

Custom Systems

So you want something that nobody else has? Well that means you must be an "ideas" person, and we're here to help with that as well. Maybe you want a Photo Archive system, or you want a custom contact form, you're doing an online contest, or you have some other really cool idea. We can definitely help with these kinds of projects as well.

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Ben Sesar E-Commerce Site


E-Commerce solutions give you the ability to sell products online. This is now becoming more and more of a common need for many businesses. We've done systems as simple as using only Paypal tying into a static website, to running systems like X-Cart, FoxyCart, or LiteCommerce where the whole site is a shopping cart system. Now we are building most of our e-commerce systems in WordPress using a system called “Woo-Commerce” which is a very robust WordPress add-on capable of building a very large scale storefront and administration.

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Retreat In The Pines

Custom Blog Themes

Does your business have a blog? Well if it doesn't, there is a good chance that you should. WordPress blogs dramatically increase your search engine optimization, and they also allow you to keep your clients interested in your products or services.

We can add a WordPress blog to an existing website by connecting your current website look and feel into your blog, so it all looks like it fits perfectly together. Or if you are starting a standalone or a new blog, we can build that as well. We can build from your design if you are a designer, or have one completely designed for you 100% custom.

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Wordpress Security Updates

WordPress Security Updates

If you have a site or blog that is built on WordPress it’s imperative that you have a professional handle your updates for you. Many plugins and custom development features can break when you update your site by yourself. It is so tempting to push that beautiful update button but it can wreak havoc on your website and leave you with blank pages, or even worse, PHP errors that are not super attractive to your users.

Take the stress out of updating your site and let us do the work for you!

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“Adam and I began working together in 2008. What began as some help on a few programming projects turned into a collaborative partnership on the highest level. Not only is Adam a blast to work with, I now count him as one of my closest and most trusted friends.”

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