Adam Silverman Drummer

Adam drumming on American Idol with Lauren Alaina.

About Silverbox

Silverbox Development is here to provide developmental support for website designers, digital marketing firms, or other businesses in need of website programming. We are also capable of doing full scale website projects taking your site from an idea to a marketing product. The motto here is simple, Beautiful Interface + Beautiful Code = Party! Bring us your designs, your questions, your web-related challenges and we will provide solutions to make it all work for you. For more information please contact us.


Adam and George

Adam with his Quarter Horse Curious George

About Adam

Adam Silverman, is the owner and lead programmer for Silverbox Development. Adam moved to Nashville several years ago with the dream of becoming a professional drummer. He was successful at achieving his dream, but with anything, getting connected as a drummer took time. During that time Adam landed a job at a local web hosting company to help pay the bills while he started out in the music field. That's where he discovered his love for computer science and honed his programming skills. He developed a passion using his text editor to take a design or website concept, and bring it to life on the web. Read more about Adam's drumming at www.adamdrums.com

During Adam's tenure as a developer at Dogbark.com he was able to work under some brilliant programmers and businessmen. They inspired him to take the interest he had in computer science and encouraged him to learn more. Adam soon found himself working through books on HTML5, CSS3, jQuery/Javascript, PHP, MySQL, and anything else he could get his hands on. He discovered he had the drummer side of his brain, and the computing side, and oddly enough, the combination really gave him a lot of satisfaction.

5 years ago Adam launched Silverbox Development, which provides a network of programmers and designers that bring incredible amounts of experience to any website programming project. It's about normal people doing extraordinary things with code to make the website designs come alive and make the User Experience absolutely amazing for your customers. That is what Silverbox was created to do, make designs and ideas come to life, and ultimately make them work!

Adam is fueled by...
Drumming, Horseback Riding, Horse Jumping, Ford Mustangs, French Fries, Oreo Cookies, Guru Energy Drinks, and M&M's at Birdsong Creative.

Special Thanks to...
Heather, Trey, Chris Keseling, my MD and TN families, Apple Computers, Troy Birdsong, Birdsong Creative, Brian Dominey, Amber Brannon, Kyle Dreier, Aaron Kenny, Shane Kenny, Harry Frankenfeld, Samuel Rainey and a everyone else who has helped me along the way. You are so appreciated!


“We love working with Adam.  His unique mix of web development expertise, attention to detail and “can-do” attitude is a powerful combination that keeps us coming back project after project.  When we turn projects over to Adam we know we will get exactly what we need, when we need it”.

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